Slim Digging

Slot Trenching Excavation

Slot trenching excavation by hydro excavation is the process of digging narrow trenches for pipe or cable installations or viewing intersecting underground utilities. There are several benefits to slot trenching by hydro excavation:

  • Precise and accurate digging
  • Reduced risk to workers
  • Reduced risk to surrounding utilities
  • Quicker digging performance than traditional methods
  • Cost effective

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Slot Trenching Excavation Services

Benefits of Adler Slot Trenching Excavation Services

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  • Safer Method Of Digging
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Slot Trenching Excavation Process

Slot trenching uses the process of hydro excavation to dig narrow trenches to a specific depth. Hydro excavation has the ability to dig very slim and precise trenches that are used to install pipes, cables, signs, posts, and other utilities underground. This style of digging allows for a safer, non-destructive and more cost-effective process of slot trenching.