Salvaging Homes After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane floods homes with debris

Hurricane Sandy devastated coastal residents of NJ and NY. Strong winds, rains, and surf caused extensive damage to homes, requiring industrial-grade cleaning solutions. Most companies offered traditional cleaning services: excavators, Bobcats, shovels, wheelbarrows, and heavy manual efforts. Unfortunately, these techniques could further damage the houses and potentially require them to be torn down. Residents were concerned and wanted a cleaning partner they could trust.

Long Island Beach based Stretch Cleaners brought Adler Companies onboard to help remove debris. The job started with one house, but quickly expanded to seventy-five more as it was clear Adler Companies brought the best expertise and services to the region.

Sandy Case Study

Cleaning outside the box

“Mindful of each property”

As Adler Companies commenced its cleaning efforts, it was faced with houses, garages, basements, and pools that were filled with up to five feet of sand. Mindful of each property, the company used its rubber hose vacuums to clear out the sand and debris. All of the waste was deposited into Adler Companies’ trucks, where it was taken for offsite disposal. It was an effective approach that did not require any demolition.

Beyond the partnership with Stretch Cleaning, individual homeowners started hiring Adler Companies to further help with vacuuming efforts. With the rubber hose equipment being used, homeowners simply had to lay down new sheet rock and carpet instead of taking more drastic measures to repair their property.

Adler Companies recognizes its duty to help its community and serve the greater good. Their team and equipment bring the strength and intelligence that help restore normalcy and order for NJ and NY residents.