Working Round the Clock

Debris Removal from Ground Zero

During one of the nation’s darkest times, Lower Manhattan sat in a state of disrepair. The World Trade Center collapsed, killing many innocent individuals, and leaving an incredible amount of debris and soot in the surrounding fourteen blocks.

After 9/11, US government selects Adler Companies as exclusive industrial cleaner to remove debris from Ground Zero.

Adler Debris Removal from Groud Zero

A call for help

“There was about a foot and a half of soot in every direction”

In conjunction with Virginia-based EarthCare, the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) needed help cleaning up the rubble, parsing for evidence, and creating a clean slate for new beginnings. With its 40 years of industrial cleaning expertise, Adler Companies was a perfect choice to assist.

Performance when it matters most

Executed and delivered elevated results

Adler Companies arrived at Ground Zero the morning after 9/11. Starting with two trucks, the team immediately started vacuuming sidewalks and streets alongside five other environmental clean-up companies. Adler Companies’ deep experience with roof and flat ground vacuuming gave it a competitive edge over the other companies, who were limited mainly to pipe cleaning skills. By the end of the second day, Adler Companies upped its effort to seven total roof and industrial vacuuming trucks and was selected by the DEP as the exclusive clean-up partner. The five other companies packed up and left.

After 4 months, Adler Companies completed the job. The company had management and employees living onsite, working 24/7 throughout the entire job duration. Its team endured dangerous conditions and developed special HEPA filters to remove harmful debris from any exhaust fumes. Additionally, Adler Companies maintained its standard of using only OSHA compliant and state of the art equipment. Public safety was paramount at all times.

Adler Industrial Vacuum Truck on the Yankee Stadium

Restoring order through results

“We got letters from the DEP on what a great job we did”

Adler Companies exceeded expectations, not only vacuuming the streets and sidewalks, but also power washing inside buildings, playgrounds, and over 2,500 deserted cars. To assist with investigations, they helped transport debris to designated barges and lots where the government could sift for evidence related to the attack.

Whether in times of distress or prosperity, Adler Companies knows how to execute and deliver elevated results. The company exhibits grit, courage, and adept skills, while maintaining utmost professionalism and patriotism. It’s for this very reason that many of its employees have remained there from 9/11 through present day. Through efficient vacuuming and cleaning techniques (among many other services), people, environment, and the greater good are constantly top priorities.