A Lighter Solution

Hydrovac helps Seaside Heights install 500 new light poles

Seaside Heights needed to install hundreds of new light poles, however, limitations with town ordinances prevented the use of heavy equipment. With houses built closely together, fences blocking pathways, and extremely busy summer seasons, the town required a creative solution to constructing their new light poles. Electric company, PSEG, and construction company, J.W. Didado, were tasked with selecting a partner to assist with the project.

To assemble a light pole, PSEG and J.W. Didado required a partner that could precisely excavate an eight-foot hole with a twenty-four-inch diameter. It was a custom job that required thinking outside the box and specialized equipment. For this reason, they called Adler Companies for help.

Adler Installing 500 Light Poles using Hydrovac

Installing Light Poles Without Heavy Equipment

“Lightweight, nimble, and safe technology”

Given the heavy equipment limitation, Adler Companies decided to use their hydro excavation (hydrovac) trucks to dig the light pole holes. With this lightweight, nimble, and safe technology, Adler Companies could pull a hose from their truck, maneuver it over any fences or obstacles, and quickly excavate the ground. The trucks hold 1,200 gallons of water and can dig with 10 gallons/minute at 2,500 PSI. Additionally, they come with remote control technology which allows for safer and more efficient digging abilities for Adler Companies employees.

Built to sustain tough weather

Hydrovac Solutions at Scale

As work commenced, Adler Companies found they could quickly dig light pole holes using hydro vac. While competitors could dig around two holes per day, Adler Companies was completing over twelve. Due to Seaside Heights’ tourism traffic, work was also limited to the winter season. Fortunately, Adler Companies’ equipment is built to sustain tough weather conditions. The hydrovac water could also change temperatures, so hotter water could be used to pierce through any icy ground.

Throughout the course of two years, Adler Companies completed excavations for over 500 light poles. Beyond the excavations, they also assisted PSEG and J.W. Didado as the companies placed the poles using a crane. Adler Companies takes pride in seeing projects through to completion and is constantly looking for unique, new projects such as with Seaside Heights.

Adler Industrial Vacuum Truck on the Yankee Stadium