Hydrovac Application for

Potholing Services

Potholing by hydrovac excavation is the process of digging to expose underground utilities, live gas lines or live electrical lines to the “light of day” for inspection or to determine the utilities’ location. This process works to increase productivity, enhance project safety, and decrease the overall costs of the project. Potholing benefits include:

  • Precise digging
  • Minimized risk of utility damage
  • Safe digging around live electrical lines
  • Efficient and cost effective

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Benefits of Adler Potholing

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  • Safer Method Of Digging
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Potholing Process

Potholing, through hydrovac excavation, creates test holes to find and expose underground utilities. The potholing process is simple: water is used to dig and break through the ground and the vacuum sucks up the soil into a debris tank. Potholing allows underground facilities to be checked for cracks, leaks or general damage.