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Vacuuming Yankee Stadium’s Turf to Ready for a New Era of Baseball

Adler Team Vacuums Yankee Stadium’s Turf

Preparing a new stadium

Quick and thorough turnaround

While completing the new Yankee Stadium, Cushman & Wakefield noticed an issue with the artificial turf. It required the weight of small, black rubber pellets, but there was an excessive amount taking up space and inhibiting field usage.

Cushman & Wakefield hired Adler Companies after hearing about their work cleaning debris from Ground Zero. Other vacuuming companies often limited their work to pipes only, while Adler Companies maintained extensive experience with ground and roof cleaning techniques.

Adler Industrial Vacuum Truck on the Yankee Stadium

Adaptable industrial vacuuming services

“We were able to vacuum literally the entire field”

Adler Companies brought its team to Yankee Stadium and started vacuuming the field. While baseball turf differs from standard ground and roofing jobs, Adler Companies used its adaptability and range of equipment to ensure effective cleaning. With a quick and thorough turnaround, Adler Companies cleaned the excess pellets and had the field in working order.

As Adler Companies first and foremost cleaned Yankee Stadium’s field, their services indirectly benefited Cushman & Wakefield in a variety of ways. Adler Companies’ work reduced labor and equipment costs, injury potential, and the need for additional dumpsters and removal services. Additionally, Cushman & Wakefield saw increased productivity from their employees since they could focus on other important tasks.

Adler Companies brings creative, end-to-end solutions for its jobs. The company thrives in unique industrial cleaning scenarios that require the right mix of experience, equipment, and strategy. It prides itself knowing its work helped New Yorkers kickoff a new era of Yankees baseball.