Vacuuming Skyscrapers & Giant Bunnies

Cleaning above the Manhattan Skyline

Rockefeller Center, a staple of Manhattan, required help cleaning their roof. In conjunction with roofing company, Osman, the building had gravel and soil that needed to be removed before the roof could be waterproofed. Osman knew Adler Companies did not have a fear of heights, so they subcontracted the cleaning job.

Adler Companies used its vacuuming technology to remove the gravel and soil from Rockefeller Center’s roof. Despite being 40 floors up, the company used effective vacuuming techniques that made it simple to collect and dispose of the waste on the ground floor. Adler Companies also uses the highest safety standards with guidelines developed specifically for unique locations such as the roof of a skyscraper.

Adler Vacuuming Skyscrapers at Rockefeller Center

Roof Vacuuming leads to Interesting new project

“Adler Companies brought custom, adaptable solutions”

Adler Companies cleaned Rockefeller Center’s roof swiftly and effectively. The building and Osman agreed that Adler Companies brought custom, adaptable solutions, so they introduced a unique new project. For a couple years, Rockefeller Center celebrated Easter by erecting a thirty-foot bunny made out of flowers. It was displayed in the plaza where the Christmas tree sat a few months previously.

After Easter, the building needed help deconstructing the massive bunny. Given Adler Companies’ successful roof cleaning, Rockefeller Center brought them down to the plaza for this new task. The team was well equipped for dismantling the sculpture. They brought their industrial grade vacuum hoses and started removing soil and flowers from the inside out.

Adler Industrial Vacuum Truck on the Yankee Stadium

Detail-Oriented Cleaning

Critical thinking and tactical project management

To prevent day-to-day disruption, Adler Companies removed the bunny late at night. The company used custom pads to protect the plaza’s concrete as it parked its truck next to the sculpture. Due to the height, the team used man lifts to access the bunny with their hoses. Adler Industry employees are trained to work in confined space. This came in handy for entering the structure and vacuuming its interior.

While competitors could have taken up to 2 weeks to complete the bunny job, Adler Companies took 2 days. Its team uses critical thinking and tactical project management abilities in order to skillfully troubleshoot unique projects. In the future, whether vacuuming skyscraper roofs or large bunnies, Adler Companies is confident it can continue to deliver quality results.