A Unique Problem

Adler Vacuums Coal from 75 Schools in NY

Fifteen years ago, schools across all five NY boroughs switched from coal to gas heating. Many of the schools were old and did not have easy ways to remove excess coal from the bunkers in their basements. WDF, a construction company, needed help with the coal removal and cleaning process.

Through previous collaborations on school roofing projects, WDF knew Adler Companies had the equipment and aptitude for the job. Adler Companies gladly accepted the offer and started deploying its state-of-the-art vacuum trucks to the various schools.

Coal Case Study

Creative Solutions and Expertise

“There was no way to get the coal out of the basements. The schools never had to take it out before.”

Most of the schools simply had a window with a conveyor belt leading to the basement coal heaters. There was no way for conventional cleaners to enter the basements without incurring health and safety risks. Despite perilous conditions, Adler Companies found that it could deploy its vacuum hoses through the school windows and nimbly maneuver them into the basement bunkers.

Careful Management and Planning

Through careful management and planning, Adler Companies’ employees systematically removed the coal from the school basements. Additionally, Adler’s high-end equipment such as self-grounding rubber hoses and 21-yard debris boxes allowed for peak efficiency and safety standards.

Within a year, Adler Companies vacuumed 75 schools’ basements and carefully transported the coal to designated yards, where they could be disposed of in responsible and environmentally-friendly ways. WDF praised Adler Companies for a job well done as the schools of NY were able to seamlessly transition to gas heating.