Expertly Excavate and Clean

Growing needs for a popular establishment

Located in Times Square, world renowned Sardi’s Restaurant feeds Broadway theater-goers and entertainers before and after shows. With walls adorned with celebrity pictures, the restaurant is loved for its delicious meals and lively ambiance. Sardi’s popularity and success required additional storage space, so it planned to expand its basement from a three-foot crawl space to an eleven-foot floor.

A basement expansion often requires a business to pause its operations and knock down the building. This was not an option for Sardi’s. The restaurant hired Adler Companies to expertly excavate and clean the basement, while keeping business as usual.

Adler Restaurant Sardi's Basement Excavation

Excavating through tight quarters

“Working through the night so Sardi’s could continue business as usual”

When Sardi’s closed its doors each night, the Adler Companies team showed up for work. Working through the night so Sardi’s could continue business as usual, the team entered through a sidewalk entrance and shimmied into the dark crawl space. For the first week and a half, they excavated while laying on their stomachs.

Safety and Environmental Awareness First

Maximize Digging While Minimizing Disposal

Adler Companies conducts excavation projects with a combination of expert planning and powerful equipment. While the team expanded Sardi’s basement, they put safety and environmental awareness first. Their equipment maximized digging yield, while minimizing disposal and restoration. No chemicals were used in the process and the team navigated around underground gas, water, and electric lines.

After completing the excavation, Adler Companies cleared out excess debris from the basement and transported it offsite for disposal. Sardi’s did not have to clean or clear anything else before utilizing the new and improved basement. Most importantly, the job did not impact any day-to-day operations for the restaurant, which continues serving satisfied customers through present day.