Roof Vacuuming

  • Fully Insured
  • 36 Years Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Up to 40 Stories
  • Cleaner Roof Surface
  • Removes Significant Weight
  • Reduces Cost of Labor & Dumpsters
  • Safety Compliant
  • Largest Debris Tanks in the USA
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24-Hour Response Time


  • Reduces labor costs
  • Eliminates airborne dust and debris
  • Reduces potential for injuries
  • Removes more weight than sweeping
  • Provides cleaner surface for new roof.
  • Eliminates need for additional dumpsters
  • Increases productivity by freeing up labor for other projects.
  • Reduces employee exposure to pitch dust and other contaminants.
  • Eliminates need for costly mechanical equipment
  • Helps to meet customer’s scheduling expectations.

Roof Preparations

Check out the number of ways we preparing roofs for Roof Vacuuming in Adler Companies.

Ballast / River Rock

Aggregate on Bur & Gravel Roofs

Wet Vacuum

Erma Stone

Roof Planters / Soil

Solar Applications

High Rise Building

Snow Removal / Vacuuming From Roof Tops

Truck Specs

Our Hydro Excavation trucks are the best around. The facts are in the specs. Read all about it.

  • Height: 11’-6” 
  • Length: 22’-5"
  • Weight (Empty): 36,000 lbs
  • Noise: 88.3 dB to 92.3 dB
  • Max. Vacuum Range: 16-28.5 Hg
  • Max. Airflow Range: 5,0890-6,000 cfm
  • Payload Capacity: 18 yd3 - 21yd3


Servicing the entire U.S. Eastern Seaboard


We believe in safe environments. Safety is not only the law, it is our goal; we consistently strive for zero risks for both our employees and customers. Our comprehensive Health and Safety policy and employee standards achieve this goal:

  • Compliance with Adler’s Health and Safety policy
  • Compliance with any government, client-specific, or site-specific requirements
  • 40 hour hazmat training
  • Confined space training
  • Full medical cards on drivers
  • Physicals and fit tests on employees
  • Random drug tests
  • Site specific training on all jobs
  • Appropriate clothing and protective equipment
  • Immediate Identification and report of safety hazards or unsafe work conditions


We do what we say.